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In his first novel, Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine, Ray Kurzweil tells the story of a remarkable girl who, with her super-intelligence and smart technologies, solves some of the world’s largest challenges Ray’s message is, “you too can be a Danielle” — and this book shows you how. Groundbreaking in its premise and thought-provoking in its prose, Danielle’s story shows us a hopeful picture of our future — where we work together to solve essential problems using the power of our ideas and have compassion for all people. Danielle’s motto is: Be Kind. Be Smart.



Hardcover edition of A Chronicle of Ideas: A Guide for Superheroines (and Superheroes) now available for purchase

This companion book is a nonfiction guide to the scientific, technological, medical, entrepreneurial, political, historical, literary, musical, philosophical, and psychological ideas that animate the world of Danielle, the protagonist of the novel—and the author’s world too!

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Collector’s Edition boxed set

The Official Collector’s Edition Boxed Set includes Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine and A Chronicle of Ideas: A Guide for Superheroines (and Superheroes) in a custom-designed slipcase.

  • Accompanying the two beautifully printed volumes is a numbered, signed art print of Amy Kurzweil’s favorite Danielle illustration and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Each volume includes Ray Kurzweil’s signature, and Danielle also features Amy Kurzweil’s signature as Illustrator.
  • Each Collector’s Edition Boxed Set is individually hand-packed in a special numbered box and prepared just for you. This white-glove treatment takes a little extra time, so please allow 7-10 days for shipping

The Official Collector’s Edition boxed set is Backordered until January 2024.