Companion Book One

How You Can Be a Danielle

The novel is fiction but the idea is real. Apply your mind and tap into your courage, creativity and even tenacity, and you’ll be able to identify and solve problems—big or small.

This companion book is a guide for all ages. It will provide ideas and suggestions for activities and organizations that you can join and assist. It will help you unlock your passions and set your potential in motion. Learn how you can change the world.

Bring Your Ideas To Life

Each of us has capacity to create positive change. If we could only harness our ideas in meaningful ways, the world would become a far better place. It doesn’t have to be daunting. This companion book is a place to start. Each chapter offers a different opportunity to create a better world. Below are just a few. Which will you take?

Learn to Code

Share information with people around the globe, form new communities, discover and learn from data, entertain others, and develop new inventions. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Promote Nuclear Disarmament

Of all the challenges our species currently faces, the threat of nuclear war is the only one currently with the potential to wipe out human civilization. Sounds scary but you can do something about it.

Promote Equality

Prejudice based on race, gender, or other characteristics is as old as humanity. To promote equality, knowledge is one of your most powerful tools. Learn more about prejudice and how to fight it.

Harness the Wisdom of Crowds

Groups of people often make better decisions collectively than even the smartest single member of the group. Become familiar with how the wisdom of crowds works and you can solve problems faster.

Combat Drought

New technologies and ideas are making it easier than ever before to help communities suffering from water deficiencies and pollution. Learn more about the problem and also what you can do about it.

Help Cure Cancer

See how you can support the world’s most innovative cancer researchers, prepare for a career working to find cures, and learn what you can do right now to start searching for a breakthrough yourself.

Discover what you’re passionate about and join the movement for positive impact. It’s time to change the world!


Companion Book Two: A Chronicle of Ideas

Chronicle of Ideas